Friday, April 25, 2014

she got the 3rd year

 My daughter just found out tonight she got the Writer in Residence 3rd year position, which is the top position for next year.  I'm super excited for her.  She asked me not to post about it on Facebook just yet because she wants to be sensitive to her friends who didn't get it.  There were 4 of them competing for it.  I told her that everyone might wonder why I was celebrating and what all the noise was coming from my house and that I couldn't help it.  I'm super proud of her for all she's accomplished.  It's pretty awesome that she started writing when she was about 4 and had a goal in mind and has stuck with it for so long.  She got a lot of praise yesterday at her thesis reading.  She said one of the people there wanted to use her novel to teach in her class.  She said as soon as it is published, which hopefully will be soon.  So, I guess that means she will be spending at least another year in St. Louis.  Not sure what that means for the summer now.  But, for now, I'm happy dancing.


Barb N said...

Congrats to your daughter - that's quite an honor, for certain! I can just feel the 'proud mama' coming through your post. Tells her congrats from me, too.

Farm Quilter said...

Congratulations to your daughter!!! Proud momma moments are so fabulous!!! So awesome!!!