Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Having a plan

I got a phone call yesterday from a very sweet lady.  She wanted to know if I could use this beautiful sewing machine.  She had saved the newspaper article from several months ago about my Binky Patrol group and figured it was time to downsize before her kids had to do it for her.  She gave me this machine (I was hoping the machine was red too, but it's tan) and a bag full of goodies including several pair of scissors, rotary cutters, a mat and pressing board, pins, needles and lots of other sewing things.  It's nice to have a plan for all of our hobby items for when we can't use them anymore.  I plan on using mine for a very long time to come!  But when I'm gone, feel free to come on over and take what you want.  I don't think my kids want anything and I doubt my husband will know what to do with them.  Carla will be hosting my funeral and of course it will be a quilting party.  If you show up, plan to take things home that day :)

Another great machine for the teens to use when we have our quilting days.  It's great to be able to pull out so many machines and get the kids to work.

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