Saturday, April 19, 2014

Accuquilt's Block Design contest

 If you haven't heard about Accuquilt's Win the Dream block design contest, you must be hiding under a rock :)  Now that I'm on vacation, I'm having fun designing blocks and entering them.  You can enter as often as you want and why not?  There's nothing to lose!  There are the three block's I've entered so far.  I'm having fun and just love these blocks.  I can't decide my favorite yet.  With EQ7 it's easy to make a block, either drawing it.  I drew these blocks in the design a block option.  You could just as easily design a block using graph paper (probably easier because once I drew the block, I lost it because I had no idea where the program saved the dumb thing!).  I got good at drawing the block until I could figure out where the program was saving the block.

Then, I was able to use the block to make a mini quilt and called that a block too.  I just rotated the block and made four blocks into one big block.  I'm not getting as much sewing done because I'm designing digitized quilting designs too.  And, I'm sorting and cutting fabric.  My house looks like a bomb went off in it.  But, I am making quilt kits that I will be passing on to other people to sew, so that's how I'm justifying the lack of sewing that went on today.  Plus, I had a terrible migraine.  I've had a couple of ok days, followed by a couple of horrible days.  The verdict is still out on the botox.  It seems to be helping as I have more good days, but still not making things 100% better.  I guess I'll take a few better days over nothing.

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Farm Quilter said...

You are having fun!!! Great blocks! Makes me wish I had EQ, but I have to remind myself that I prefer quilting quilts to piecing them! I have over 40 of my own quilts to quilt and I just can't get to having customer quilts to quilt...lovely "problem" to have!!!