Saturday, April 5, 2014

Could I have a new favorite quilt?

It is just possible I have a new favorite quilt.  I got the 8 1/2 inch rag square die from Accuquilt and cut up the pieces of t shirt I have been saving forever.  I sewed them together 6x6 in about an hour.  It is totally finished.  No quilting, no binding.  What is more comfy than your favorite t shirt?  A quilt made from your favorite t shirt!

The hardest part was not catching all of the fringe every time I sewed a seam.  I used my scissors to help hold the fringes down because I tried to use my finger and kept hitting it with the sewing machine.  Ouch!

Once I got the hang of how to sew and not hit myself, it was easy.  I used a narrow zig zag stitch so the seams could stretch a bit, just like the fabric so there would be less of a chance of popping a seam.

I finished it off by sewing all the way around the edge.

I love the randomness of the colors and the white squares inbetween everything.

I love it all!  It's in the dryer now, getting the fuzz off and will be ready for a kid to cuddle with soon.

 I also managed to get a couple more quick quilts quilted up today and there are still a few hours left.  I always feel better when I am getting things done.  Much better than feeling sorry for myself.

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AccuQuilt said...

This sounds like a super cozy quilt! Love this interpretation of a t-shirt quilt!