Sunday, April 6, 2014

My biggest accomplishment this weekend

 I picked up the sock!  Yes, the sock that has been sitting on the floor by the couch for months has finally been picked up. :)  It's funny how you don't notice something that becomes a permanent part of the furniture until you see it in a photograph.

I quilted 8 quilts so far this weekend and am back on track for a quilt a day.  That's a good thing because I shipped out a box to Washington for the mud slide victims and rescue workers and had plans to meet up with the lady who runs Project Pearls yesterday.  Plans changed and she got stuck and couldn't make it to pick up all of the quilts I had left.  It's a good thing because of the car accident.  I needed 2 of the quilts to give to the kids in the accident today.  The top quilt above I was able to make today, but three of the kids survived and I needed three quilts today so I was able to pull two quilts from the finished pile and give them to a friend who passed them along to one of the mothers of the kids who will pass them out to the other mothers to pass on to the kids.
 The driver who died, went to my high school and graduated from the continuation high school last June.  High speeds and alcohol was involved.  None of the kids were wearing seatbelts and all were thrown from the truck.  They were coming back from celebrating the 18th birthday of the girl from my high school.  She was in a coma last night and this morning came out of it.  She had to have surgery and will have several more before she is released from the hospital.

Another girl, 16, died as well.  She and the other two kids went to a different high school.
 Do you see the elephant stitching on this quilt?  I designed that.  I think it turned out pretty cute :)  I'm still having fun with the quilt design program and coming up with new designs.  You can find them for free on the link at the top of my blog.
This one is called Spikey Plant and is on a super soft flannel quilt.  Just three pieces of flannel sewn together but will make some little boy happy I hope.

I did manage to get a lot of grading done today too.  Maybe because I never did get out of my pajamas.  I think that's the key to productivity.  Maybe if I went to work in my pajamas, I would get more done there.  Think I should try it?  Or maybe I would just have nap time each class period.  The kids would totally go for that!

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