Tuesday, July 1, 2008

getting distracted

So, this morning I wake up and have about an hour before taking Emily to a tennis lesson and decide not to finish the crumb blocks, but to start another project. This one is called H blocks from the book Even More Quilts for Baby: Easy As ABC (Paperback)by Ursula Reikes (Author) which I borrowed from the library. I decided to make it 4 x 5 instead of 3 x 3 like the book suggests, so I cut twice the number of strips the other night and just had to sew them together. I got all the blocks stitched and ended up with 25 blocks so will have to do something with the extra 5. Maybe I will make it 25 blocks big. I'll have to see how big it turns out when I'm done. that is assuming I can keep my attention going before getting distracted again. This afternoon I'm going to help Michael's babysitter so her husband can go to the cardiologist. He has had 4 heart attacks over the years and needs to get a check up. He figures if he isn't dead, he is fine.

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