Wednesday, July 16, 2008

cleaning out the garage

Today, I got the weird idea to clean out the garage. I have no idea where that came from, but I'm out there actually having a good time. I'm finding lots of treasures! I found some fabulous patriotic fabrics in a bucket way down buried under some junk. I just wish I had more room in the trash cans. It is good that trash day is tomorrow. So far I've only found one dead mouse. We live right next to a huge field and when we first moved into the house, I caught about 50 mice in the kitchen. I used to have a couple of those live catch traps. I would catch two or three mice a day and then take them 2 miles away and release them. The next night I would catch two or three more. Maybe they were the same two or three. After a couple months of this, I got tired of the catch and release and it started to gross me out. So, I invested in about 100 of the snap traps. I know you can re-use them, but that was just gross. I went through about half of those before figuring out how the mice got into the house. There was a small hole behind the stove where they were coming into the kitchen. Once I plugged up that hole, I haven't had a mouse in the house again! I'm a slow learner sometimes!

Hubby wants to put a ping pong table in the garage. It is a 3 car garage, but we have never had a car in there. Well, maybe the first day when we bought the house, before we moved anything in. There are about 500 buckets of junk in the garage. I'm in a dumping mood and have been throwing stuff away like crazy today. I have a horrible tendency to save everything for 'just in case' I need it. It's a genetic disease I inherited from my dad's side of the family. His sister saved every newspaper for years and you couldn't walk through her house. I hope I never get that bad, but I can see bits of that showing up in myself. I have to fight it some days more than others. Today is a good day to get stuff out, so I had better get back before I lose the energy and willpower to pitch things.

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