Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garage progress

Well, here are some 'before' pictures. Actually, some of these are 'during' because I was too embarassed to take them before I actually started the project. I couldn't even walk through the garage to get out, so this is a good start.

Then, there are some 'after the first day' pictures to show the progress. I'm excited to get a ping pong table in the garage. You see, ping pong tables make great fabric cutting tables. Don't tell my husband that.

I have a friend with a pool table. Same story. Her family hasn't played pool in years and her husband has offered to get rid of the table many times because it isn't being used for its intended purpose. Who cares what something was supposed to be used for. I say, quilting is more important! ANY large, horizonal surface around here is fair game for fabric cutting and have you seen the size of a pool table???

I also wanted to show you my other project. It's a dog house. This is day one. Yes, it looks like a bunch of boards. But, give it some time and it will be a dog house. That's my daughter's boyfriend. He wants to be an architect or engineer or something like that. He likes to build things. Really, I'm not taking advantage of him =)

Look at my shed, doesn't it look nice? This is how I would like the rest of the house to be, but alas, the kids won't stay in their plastic tubs for long...

This is my pond. There are about 30 koi and goldfish in there. Last summer I bought them when they were about 1/2 inch long and now some are about 5 inches long. I just love coming out to feed them in the evenings.

Here's a couple of my fruit, apple, pear. Small trees, but one day, they will actually feed us...maybe if the birds don't get them first.

And finally, this is the rusty nail/staple that got me. Why is it still around? Good question!!!

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