Saturday, July 19, 2008

another migraine changes plans

Well, the Lambtown festival was fun. I stayed about an hour. They were not set up and ready to go at 9am when I got there, but I walked around and saw everything there was to see. I bought 8 skeins of wool yarn for my daughter and her room mate's hat/scarf sets. Since she is going to a place where it snows and she is not used to snow, I figured I had better get busy on something warm for her.

I wanted to post pictures, but have a nasty migraine again, just came on all of a sudden so those will have to wait until tomorrow.

But today was a good day for getting rid of things. If you haven't tried Freecycle ( you don't know what you are missing! I listed quite a few things and have had people coming all day to pick up things I no longer need. It is nice to have people help me clean out my garage. You can also ask for things on Freecycle and I've received yarn and fabric there as well.

I got rid of 6 bags and 2 boxes of fabric today that have been taking up space in the garage. This was some 70's polyester stuff that was given to me and I just kept hanging onto it for why? I don't know, maybe I thought the 70's were coming back. NOT my 70's, I have a couple more years before those come along. About a month ago I got rid of about 8 other bags of canvas and other fabrics that I was never going to use. I still have over 80 buckets of fabric that I will be using, especially with my helpers from North Hills and my new Quilting machine that can quilt a top in 10 minutes. I'm whipping these things out.

The garage is almost ready for the ping pong table. Maybe next week =)

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