Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today is the Lambtown festival. It is at a nearby town and promises yarn and fiber and the smell of sheep! I'm headed out here shortly and promise to take some pictures for later.

I also ordered some more Signature Thread from King's Men in all the rainbow colors so I can quilt the rest of the quilts, not just the orange ones.

Try them out. They have the best prices I've found on the net, especially when combined with shipping. It was only $8 for the first 6 cones of thread. I think I will be set for thread for a long time now.

I've had people tell me that the Perma Core thread is supposed to be really good and maybe it is my batting that is cutting the thread. Problem is, since these are charity quilts, I am not going to be spending $6 a yard on batting that won't cut the thread. I buy the cheapest batting I can buy at JoAnn's. It comes in a package, 10 yards for $10.99. I use my 40% off coupon and get it for $7.08 with tax. You can't find batting cheaper than 70 cents a yard. It makes a really nice quilt too. So, if I have to pay a little more for the thread to make up for saving $5 a yard on the batting, I think that is worth the money.

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