Monday, July 14, 2008

Good news

I don't have to get a tetanus shot. My last one was August 2006, so I can step on as many rusty nails as I want. Let's see, that would be ZERO! But, at least I don't have to drive to the doctor =)

I'm trying to find the best place online to order thread for my new quilting machine. I'm getting advice from anyone and everyone and ordering small amounts from different people to see who is the best. When all the different threads get here, I will try them all out and then pick out the one I like the best and order a bunch.

I've ordered from these so far and one other I can't remember. I am trying to be better about writing these things down, but have troubles doing that.

I'm ordering

King Tut
Signature, solid and variegated
and something else I can't remember.

I'm trying everything that everyone is suggesting to see what is the cheapest that I can get by with.

King Tut is by far the most expensive. It costs $17.95 for 2,000 yards. Perma-Core is the least expensive at $8 for 6,000 yards and is a polyester.

The local quilt shop only carries LYI and I know that works so I will at least have something to play with if the others don't work for me.

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