Wednesday, July 9, 2008

today's plans

I should know better than to plan for the day. With summer vacations come spontaneity and surprises, but every day should at least start with a plan right?

Today's plan is to bind two more quilts. I finished up two more yesterday and have to cut bindings again for the last few that need binding. I could actually count on my hands the number of quilts that need bindings, but then I would have to count and you know how I don't like to do that.

I also started another Not so Top Secret Project in blues and white/creams. So far I've gotten the long pieces sewn together and now it is pressing and cutting time. Might as well do all the cutting at the same time. Binding cutting and quilt top cutting right?

I'm hoping the new quilting machine comes today. That will change all things because of course I will have to try it out. That's a good thing because I counted 16 quilt tops that were dropped off from my friends Nancy and Cory. You met Nancy and Cory is the pastor's wife and my 'partner in crime' in starting the quilting ministry at North Hills. She is recruiting other sew-ers to help with the top making and cutting the fabric and is letting us use her house for our 'cutting parties'.

I'd also like to get at least one more quick quilt top done, either a Buttonberry or Ulitmate Scrap Quilt for QOV.

I've also recruited a couple of teenagers to help make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer group. is an organization that gives pillowcases to children with cancer to help cheer them up while they are in the hospital. I'll be pulling and sorting fabric for that today if I have some time.

Such are my plans...

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