Friday, July 11, 2008

thread breaking problem

Well, I still can't figure out the problem. Maybe someone out there can see what is going on and help me. Here is a picture of what the thread looks like when it breaks. Something is causing the thread to shread. The bottom of the picture is the bottom of the thread and the top is the top of the thread. Do you see how the thread is getting pulled apart, not just broken? This is so weird. It doesn't matter what thread I use in the machine. It doesn't matter what needle I use. It doesn't matter which way I put the needle in. It doesn't matter if the needle is in straight or twisted a little or a lot. It doesn't matter the speed of the machine, the speed I'm moving it on the frame or the direction I'm moving the frame. I've adjusted the tension from nothing all the way up to the tightest it can go and everything inbetween.

I bought every kind of thread JoAnn's had yesterday and today will try the quilting store to see if they carry a cotton 40 weight machine quilting thread. I shouldn't have to buy a specialty thread that costs a zillion dollars. At least that's what everyone is telling me.

I'll be calling the place I bought it from this morning at 9:30 when they open to see if they have any other suggestions, but in the meantime, if you can think of why this is acting up, please let me know.



Linda said...

Hi Marilyn. I feel so sorry for you and the frustration you must be experiencing with this breaking thread. I just looked closely at the pic you posted of your machine in your last post. Now....this may NOT have any bearing at all with your situation...but it looks like the pressure foot dial is cranked pretty tight. See the large purple knob on top of your machine and the red bar on the gage at the front of the machine? Try dialing it way back to 0. In the picture it is set at 4. This should take the pressure off your material and foot. I have a Juki and this is what I was advised to set mine on.
Again...this may not help at all. And I'd also suggest you blow out the tension dial real well and even the bobbin. Sometimes just the smallest bit of thread or lint will mess things up. Oh...and I had to learn to slow up when stitching. Some of the lesser threads just can't handle the high speed we frame quilters want to go. Another reason to try Superior threads. I will only use King Tut with my Juki. I've tried Essential thread and lots of breakage. I now reserve it to my DSM.
Good luck.

gigglegoose said...

thank you so much for posting this. I have a Juki and I was having terrible thread breaking issues. I got the King Tut thread and not another problem.