Thursday, July 31, 2008

yesterday's knitting story

The conversation I had yesterday with the lady at the tennis tournament was actually kind of funny. When I told it to my daughter, she said it was one of the strangest she had heard, so I thought I would share the whole thing with you, since I only shared one line yesterday.

Here's how it went:

I was sitting in the shade, watching my daughter play against her friend. She plays tennis with this girl every day out at her tennis academy. This girl is really, really good and I knew my daughter really didn't have a chance to beat her, but was hoping she could at least get a game off of her. They are really good friends and they were going to have fun, no matter what happened.

This lady and her daughter were sitting in the sun, and it was in the low 90's. Not terribly hot for a California summer, but I wouldn't want to be sitting in the sun, so when the lady looked over, I invited her to come and sit in the shade with me. She grabbed her chair and she and her daughter came over to sit by me. There were three guys sitting on the other side of me, but there was enough room for the two ladies to squeeze inbetween and there would have been better viewing for them to watch the match they were watching. She said, oh, no, I'm not watching my daughter play, it's just a friend so it isn't important that I can't see very well.

She asked the guys who they were watching and they said they were watching the girls on the court next to my daughter and she had a conversation about how good these girls were and where they were from. The lady and her daughter were from New York.

Then, she turns to me and says, "Obviously you aren't watching anyone." because I was knitting. So I explain to her that I'm watching my daughter play her very good friend.

Then, the funny part of the conversation happens. Have you seen the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Well, do you know the spoiled girl, who says to her father, "I want a Goose that Lays a Golden Egg!" You know the tone of her voice when she says it? Picture that.

The mother asks what I'm knitting and I say a scarf for my daughter who is going to Ohio to college (everyone asks--Ohio State?--like it is the only college in Ohio) where it is cold in the winter. The girl turns to her mother and says in that voice, "I want a scarf. Mother, make me a scarf!" The mom says, "I don't know how to knit." The girl says, in that same voice, "Well, learn how to knit!"

So, I turn to the girl and say, "Why don't you learn how to knit?"

And the girl says, "I'll just knit myself a sweater!"

The mom laughs and says,"Why not make youself a whole ensemble."

The girl says, "No, I'll make myself a whole outfit!"

The mom says, "That's what an ensemble is, it's an outfit, the whole thing."

I said, "Why don't you just start with a scarf."

Then, the match they were watching was over and they left. I had a good chuckle and went back to knitting and watching my daughter win one game, but lose the match. I just love people!

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