Friday, August 1, 2008


My friend in San Jose sent me another package of gorgeous fabrics yesterday. She said that she couldn't even open the bag of fabrics before packing them for fear that she would just keep them longer and I can see why! These are super pretty and I can't wait to make some wonderful quilts out of them. Thanks again for these wonderful fabrics. Not only will they keep children warm, they will make them happy with their wonderful colors as well. Sometimes I fell like I have to use up my 'ugly' fabrics because I have so much fabric to work through and it is a fun challenge to take something that isn't so lovely and turn it into a nice quilt, but when I get donations like this, I'm happy to use this up first =)

I also thought, while I'm at it, I'd ask if anyone has seen my DMV registration? I got it about 2 months ago and since my new van didn't have plates yet, put it in a safe place. Well, I need it

yesterday and can't find it. I have looked in every safe place I can think of and it isn't there. Of course, it would have made sense to put it in the glove box of the car, but that would have made too much sense at the time. So, if anyone has seen it, could you let me know? I've torn the house apart and am about to tear my hair out now. Thanks for keeping an eye out for it for me =)

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Quilty bird said...

Maybe you stuck it to the fridge? DH is tall and sticks everything on top of the fridge, where I never see it until it's (usually) too late.

BTW, I wish I had friends like yours! Great fabrics. Have fun.