Wednesday, August 13, 2008

freaking out

Aaaaaah! Do you realize that it's almost Back to School? I hate those commercials! And I hate this time of the year!

But, I think I finally beat my migraine, or at least it wore itself out. Yesterday as Ariel was packing for school and boxed up almost all of her clothes that are getting shipped today, I realized that we are almost out of time. We have about 5 days of freedom left before someone else tells us what to do and when to do it. I hate being told what to do. So, today is back to school shopping and shipping off college things and getting ready to go back to school. ICK.

Yesterday we found out that my older son needs glasses. Well, he probably doesn't really need them, but has trouble seeing the board sometimes and has 'weak 20/20 vision' so he is getting glasses for those times when he can't just get up and come to the board to see better. He thinks it is cool. I wonder how long until this first pair breaks. He picked out a pair without rims on the bottom. I had no idea that was a bad idea until I got home and hubby says those will break really fast. Why didn't the lady tell me that? He is a kid and will probably break them, but since he doesn't need them all the time, if they break, he can wait until next year and then get the steel plated, double thick, nerd glasses that won't break.

The other thing we learned is that he is colorblind. When they gave him the colorblind test with the little book that has the numbers made out of colored circles, he started saying numbers that were not there. I started to laugh because I thought he was trying to be funny and then I realized that he was colorblind! His dad is colorblind too and we are always making fun of him because he will say, bring me the purple shirt and there are only blue or green shirts to pick from. So, then they gave him another test where there were different colored discs and he had to line them up in order of closest colors. The first disc was blue and he had to pick out the closest color to that. He picked a green one, eventhough there was a blue one right there. It was really weird to watch. When they tried to analyze him, he didn't fit any of the patterns for normal color deficiencies. So they tried to label him red/green color deficient, but will have to re-test him next year and see if anything changes.

I was taught that colorblindness is a sex linked genetic disorder on the X chromosome so it comes from me, which means it was passed from my mom since my dad doesn't have colorblindness. Very interesting. I wonder if my grandfather on my mom's side was colorblind or how far back it could be traced on her side of the family. My daughters each carry the gene, so their boys will have a good chance of being colorblind as well.

Want to know if you are colorblind? Take the test here.

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