Sunday, August 31, 2008

more oberlin pictures

A few more pictures today.

As we were driving to Vermillion along Highway 6 there was a detour sign. We had no idea why they would have a detour sign until we came to this bridge!

After getting lost for the 10 zillionth time and after getting all of the supplies in the SUV from WalMart, I had to make a quick turn around and this is the result. Yes, Michael is ok. Luckily, it was only the Ramen Noodles that fell on him.

This is the Jesse Phillips Physical Education center where the indoor tennis courts are. I'm sure a lot of tennis will be played indoors when the snows come.

This is the view out of the dorm window.

This is the small kitchen area on the floor. There is a fridge that I'm sure if you kept food in would be gone before you got back to it, and a microwave and sink area for washing dishes.

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