Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today was the end of the headache. Yesterday after I posted that the headache was gone, it came back worse than ever. So, today I waited until this evening to post that it is officially gone! Hooray!

Today was also the end of the fence work. The guy worked from about 10am until around 7pm to finish up a small portion of the fence as well as my gate. He asked me about it yesterday and we agreed that the gate would hinge by the house and swing in. I wanted it to swing out, but he said it would hit the house. So, today I had daughter #2 at a tennis lesson and get a call from hubby asking if I wanted the gate to swing in or out. I said, if he was giving me a choice, I wanted it to swing out. Well, the guy wanted it to swing in. Then, why did they ask me again? So, they decided to have it swing in. I came home and the gate swings in from the other side of the fence post. Not the side by the house, like we had talked about, but the other side, so now we have to move the trampoline so the gate will open. If the gate had opened out, it never could have hit the house.

There must have been some reason the fence guy chose to hang the gate from the other side of the fence, but since the language barrier was there, I couldn't ask him why he did that. I will learn to love the gate that hangs from the wrong side and swings the wrong way. I will. Really, I will.

I will be able to plant things on the front side of the fence this way and the gate won't swing and kill them at least. Maybe that's what the guy was thinking. I'm sure it will all be for the best.

Today was also the first and last day of my dog grooming career. We have two little dogs that my hubby's friend found abandoned and they were getting pretty shaggy, kind of like my son, so I decided to give them a trim. Well, the trim turned into a shave and that is pretty bad. I will post a before and after shot and let you be the judge. I was trying to save $60, but you all know the story of the mother who gives her son the haircut and then ends up spending twice as much to get it fixed. I don't think I will be taking these dogs out in public. The kids made me promise not to touch the second dog and to take her in for professional help. At least I didn't try this on my son.

Harper is on the left, Lily is on the right.

Harper after the haircut

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