Friday, August 15, 2008


When checking out the fence work today, I noticed something that wasn't there yesterday and I had to smile. The kids were trying to open the gate and were saying that they couldn't reach the latch from the front side. I told them we would have to put a string on the latch and hang it to the other side so they could reach it and this morning when I came out, there is a bright pink string hanging from the latch. Maybe the language barrier was just a convenient act so the fence guy could do what he wanted and get away with it. He obviously understood our conversation, or maybe he puts a bright pink string on everyone's latch. But, it made me laugh this morning.
The mystery of the day is these skeletons. I found them yesterday while digging up some plants in front of where the gate would go. I know what they are, because I buried the animals there about 3 years ago, but I'm wondering if you can guess what animals these are from. If you think you know, please leave a comment. Looking at the front teeth on the full skull, you will know why that guy died.
Today I'm hoping to get the quilt done for the tennis coach. Time is running out and I need to have it finished by Tuesday.


porchy said...

Hi. I think that they are from a small dog. That is my opinion. Take care.

Linda said...

My guess would be a gerbil, hamster, or rat.

Harriet said...

The bottom one is a snake. See the fangs.

swooze said...

I think rats too.