Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tournament and Binky Patrol

Well, Jr. Tennis is over. She came in 3rd in this tournament and it is really weird because her last match she played another girl with the same first name. How strange is that? She won the last match she will ever play as a junior player which is a great way to end your career. I'll have to ask my husband what her total career record is. I'm sure he will know or at least be able to figure it out. She thinks it is over .500 since she started playing around age 14.

Today was also Binky Patrol Sunday. I'm the area coordinator for the local chapter and I started the group back in 2004 after my mom encouraged me to get one going in my area. She had belonged to the Long Beach Binky Patrol for years and had donated hundreds of quilts and afghans to her local group and when I started making baby blankets and found out there wasn't a local group to donate them to, I decided to start my own group. The first meeting there were about 70 people who showed up and dropped off blankets. I haven't been very good at keeping up with the numbers but if I had to guess, I would say we have donated over 2,000 blankets in the last 4 years easily. Most of them go to the local hospital both to the NICU and to a program called ABC (A Baby is Coming) where parents take child education classes and when they graduate, they are given a quilt and baby items.

Today, one of the ladies, who also works at the hospital shared that she had to draw blood from a baby in the NICU and saw one of the tiny quilts she had made and got to share with the mother of the baby that she made that blanket and talked a little about Binky Patrol. She was so proud that our blankets were being used on these tiny babies and it made her want to make more blankets.

We had a good turnout today, but I forgot my camera so will only be able to share some pictures of some of the blankets, not pictures of the ladies who were at the meeting.

I had the great joy of getting to teach a lady how to make some quilt squares today. I was working on making string quilt blocks today and got 10 of them done and will add those to the other blocks I was working on earlier.

Since my migraine is back, I think I will upload the pictures later tonight or maybe tomorrow. Just had to share the story of my day.

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suzbinky said...

Thank you for all that you do to comfort the children in your area! We at BPHQ truly appreciate you!