Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Aniversary

Yesterday was my 20th wedding aniversary. We didn't do anything special to celebrate because my daughter had open house and we had a picketing event for our school. Yeah, I come back from my trip to talks of a strike at work. Wow, that was fun. We are still in contract negotiations from last year's contract and the school district doesn't want to offer us anything--gloom and doom is forcast and the union says they can pay. So, there wasn't time for much celebrating between getting home from work, getting dinner going and getting out to picket and then off to Back to School night. When I got to the picketing, they informed us that the two sides were in contract negoations and both sides had agreed to budge so looks like we will have a contract in the next few days.

Maybe this weekend I will have time to celebrate a wonderful milestone.

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Nalin said...

I hope, you had an outstanding time. It does not matter how old are you; we have to celebrate these special moments as much as possible. And, we always have to select the best anniversary gift for our loved ones.