Friday, August 8, 2008

The Olympics are HERE!

I love the Olympics! I remember in 1976 when the Olympics came to Los Angeles. (that seems impossible because I'm only 25 so wasn't old enough--tee--hee) and the bike races went past our house in Long Beach and we ran up to the freeway to watch them go past. There was also an Olympic swimmin pool--I think built before the olympics for practice or something that we used to go to.

My sister and I used to watch the olympics and then go out and try to do everything we saw on TV. We even took synchronized swimming classes. I was pretty good. I could lay on my back and hold my leg up and not sink under the water. I don't know how synchronized I was with anyone, but I didn't sink under the water, so maybe it was sink-ronized swiming we were doing. We took diving classes too, but I would only dive off the low board. I tried diving off the high board and ended up doing a belly flop and that was the end of the diving career for me. I have never liked heights.

We tried gynmastics, but being totally inflexible, that was pretty much out too. Plus, I'm one inch short of 6 feet, so about twice the height of a gymnist and I'm sure at least twice the weight as well.

The opening ceremonies are on TV tonight, eventhough they already happened. I don't like the time difference when you can read about the events on the internet before they happen on TV, so I have to be careful getting on the internet in the morning.

I plan to get a lot of hand crafting work done while watching a lot of TV these next two weeks. How about you?

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