Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Deb's quilt tops

My online friend Deb, who really got me hooked on quilting and introduced me to several online quilting groups sent me these two quilt tops yesterday. She broke her hand and said she would not be able to quilt them, but wanted to help in my quilting ministry in sending quilts to Kazakhstan to the orphanage. That's where most of the quilts I'm making are going for now. I hope to get them quilted before school starts in 2 weeks because I'm not sure how much time or energy I will have for quilting once school starts up again.

Today I was working in the sewing room trying to clean and organize. It seems that I can work for about an hour before getting distracted and starting another project. I don't know how anyone can completely organize their sewing room without stopping to work on a project. Yesterday I worked for a little while until I realized I needed a pincushion. So, I had to stop working and make one right then and there!

And the best news was my daughter came home from camping yesterday. She had a great time and the only animals she saw were one lizard and a few cows. I guess the rattle snakes and bears heard they were coming and hid!
And the end of the lost DMV paper story is I finally got so frustrated that I decided I would just pay the $34 for new registration papers and stickers and went to the DMV yesterday. I had to wait about 45 minutes because I didn't make an appointment. There was a guy there who had made an appointment and he had been waiting an hour! Good thing I didn't call ahead =)
When I got up there, the guy said they were going to give me new registration papers and stickers for free anyways with the plates, so I spent all that time looking and worrying for nothing! ARGH. Oh, well. Learned something new here. If you ever lose your DMV registration papers and stickers, take the license plates off your car and run them over with the lawn mower. Take them in and buy new plates. It will cost you $18 for new plates instead of $34 for new stickers and registration papers.

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getreal said...

love the quilt tops. my mom is 87 yrs old and is still making quilts. I found your page from AC4C.
Denise in MI