Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the pears

So, I decided to share the pears, but then I look out the window and see the fence guy picking more of the pears. He already has a pile of about 20 of them and there are only a few left and here he is picking more. Well, I just couldn't take it, so I go out there and start speaking loudly to him! Ok, I was yelling at him and said, "Hey, leave some pears on the tree!" He says, "Oh, do you want those other pears?" I said, "No, you can have the ones you picked, just leave some on the tree for me." So he says, "I had to cut the tree because it was in the way of the fence. You can have the pears." I told him he could have the pears he picked, but not to pick any more pears from the tree. He went off munching on the two pears he had in his hand.

I found the two little branches he broke off that were in his way on the ground today and they did not have any pears on them yesterday. I still don't understand people!

So, today, I picked the rest of the pears from the tree so the kids could have some pears. The pears aren't ripe yet, but they will ripen on the kitchen counter over the next week or so. And next year, there will be more pears and we won't have to get another fence and nobody will bother the poor pear tree so the kids can pick their own pears.

I also took this opportunity to clean out under some of the bushes and trees that are along the fence area and dug out an oleander bush that the old owner planted. I love the look of the oleander, but hate the bush so out it went. When I move around, my headache isn't as bad as when I sit still, so I plan to do a lot of moving around today to see if I can get rid of this thing once and for all.

It is frustrating that this migraine has lasted 7 days now and everything I have thrown at it hasn't worked. I'm beginning to wonder if it is caused by something else...

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