Monday, August 11, 2008

New fence

Today work started on the new fence. The old on has been falling down since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago. We have been fighting a losing battle of putting boards up as they came down with the wind and the dog, but as we put one up, two would come down. Finally, the neighbor said, let's put a new fence up. Sure, only $1600 and we will have a new fence. That's $1600 each. Plus another $250 for a gate for me. I love gates.

So, today the old fence comes out. The work crew came around 10am and started taking out the old fence. The guy told me about 10 times that there would be no fence for 2 days because the posts have to dry for 2 days. The posts are to be steel instead of wood so they won't rot. We never had problems with the posts rotting, it was the beams between the posts that fell apart and then the nails came out and then the boards fell down. But, we have to have steel posts this time. That's what the neighbor wanted anyways and like the saying goes...Good fences make good neighbors.

So after coming home from the doctor to get my shot to take away the 6 day migraine (which isn't working by the way) I see a pile of pears by the fence guy's tools. MY PEARS. What is is about migraines, doctors and my bushes? You see, at my old house, I went to the hospital one time for a shot for a migraine and came home to all of my rose bushes cut down to the ground (about 20 of them) because the neighbor decided that they needed trimming. He just came into the yard and chopped them about 6 inches above the ground. I was all drugged up and woozy from the medicine like I am today and was out there yelling at the neighbor about my rosebushes! I bet that was a sight. That was one of the main reasons we moved from the old house. That neighbor was always doing things like that.

So, today, I decided that I would just share the pears with the fence workers. They did leave about half the pears on the tiny tree. It just makes me wonder about people sometimes. They didn't ask (they don't speak much English) just picked the pears and made a nice little pile, right where I could see. At least they left a few for me! I better get out there later tonight when they leave and pick the rest of them or I may not get any this year.

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