Sunday, August 10, 2008


I hit the 5,000 visit mark today! Wow, who would have thought that many people would want to see what I'm up to? Not me!

Today also marks the end of Jr. Tournaments for my oldest daughter. Today is her last day of playing them before going off to college. She plays the semi-finals this morning at 9 and then if she wins, the finals at 12:30. I can't stay for that one because I have Binky Patrol. Even if she loses, she still has to play the consolation round, so I will miss her last match ever, but we have had a good time of it. She is happy to be done with Jr. Tennis and is glad to be moving on to College tennis, but there are things she will miss, like going to Jamba Juice after the matches and playing doubles with some of her good friends that she has met through the Jr. tournaments.

I have a feeling I will be crying a little bit today.

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porchy said...

Congratulations Marilyn on all the hits. I find your blog sooo interesting! It is one of the highlights of my day next to AC4C. Take care, and keep busy! Gail/SK