Monday, August 25, 2008

Dear Santa

I want at GPS for Christmas. Maybe one inserted into my brain. Do they perform those types of operations? Think my health insurance would cover it? I purposefully picked the hotel at the airport because I didn't want to get lost getting here. It took me an hour to get from the car rental place to the hotel on the day we landed. Yeah, an hour because I missed the second turn. Turn left, turn right. That's it, pretty simple directions, but I didn't see that the turn was right there and went all the way around the airport again, got on the wrong freeway, drove 20 minutes the wrong way, then had to come back and go around the airport again.

Yesterday after shopping at WalMart, we were supposed to meet the tennis coach, his family and the assistant coach and his wife for dinner. The coach lives about 10 minutes from WalMart. We took over an hour to get there. I drove on the wrong road and turned on the wrong street and just kept going because I have no idea which direction South is around here. My daughter says, mom, if you have to drive with the visor down, you are going West. Oh, thanks.

We finally got there and had pizza and the little guy had the best time running around. After spending 4 hours in WalMart shopping he was ready for some running.

Today's plan is to get a bike and twin extra long sheets and check out the dorms if we can get in a little early to take some pictures. One of the girls on the tennis team is an RA so we think she will be able to let us take a peek inside the dorms.

We were able to leave the big, expensive things at the coach's house yesterday and he is going to bring them tomorrow. It was a good think the rental car lady felt sorry for us and gave us a free upgrade to the SUV. We packed that thing so full and when I made a turn (one of the many from being lost) the Top Ramen fell on Michael.

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