Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have a love/hate relationship with Freecycle, you see I'm the owner of the local group so I see all the behind the scenes goings on with the group and all the troubles it brings but I also see all of the wonderful things you can give and receive for free on it. Today I picked up an almost brand new sewing machine from a wonderful lady whose sister had given it to her before her death 4 years ago. She felt guilty for not using it and when she found out that I had some students making pillowcases for kids with cancer, she knew this was the perfect use for the sewing machine. I have a student waiting for a machine and I can't wait to pair the two up and get her started. That's one more person helping me work through my fabric stash!

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Nancy said...

Your student is going to be delighted with the donated machine and will put it to a good use.

Thank you for doing all the legwork for your local Freecycle group. I belong to one in my area, and I sometimes get disgusted with the members who have "wanted" posts all the time and want extravagant items. I sometimes wonder if they aren't selling the items that they receive. When I receive offers to take something that I have posted, I always do a search on the board to see if they have actually offered any items. My policy has become "if they don't offer any items to others, then they can't take any of my items."

Keep up the good work