Sunday, August 3, 2008

keeping busy

My oldest went camping with her boyfriend's family on Thursday and will come back tomorrow. I'm trying to keep busy so I don't miss her too much. So, yesterday it was work in the other kids' rooms day! It started around 7 in the morning and finished around 9 at night. We painted daughter #2's room after emptying it almost completely. We took apart her bed so the boys could have the bunk beds back. She is getting a new to her bed off of Freecycle. She picked a nice green color called Fiddle Head Fern. I wonder if there really is a fern called Fiddle Head. Wouldn't you know? A quick Google search shows there really is such a thing. What did we do before Google? Just sit and wonder and never know the answer to our questions. I remember we would ask our teachers and they would say, that is a good question. I will get back to you and then never did.
So, we painted the walls and I learned that if you use a really small brush, you can get the edges of the room near the top and bottom of the walls nice and neat easier than taping it off. Last time I painted, I taped and made a big mess. Her room wasn't as bad as the other rooms I painted, but boy if you look at the other rooms in the house, I got paint on the ceilings and on the baseboards.
So, then, we had to put the bunk beds together in the boys' room. Well, they have things under their beds from years of them cleaning their rooms. So, hubby helped them clean out their room when I went to the hardware store to try and find a little part that was missing from the bunkbed. I got a piece that wasn't the right size and just fell in the hole so the trip was a loss but at least it got me out of cleaning some of the mess up =)
Today's plan is to finish painting the Freecycle bed and get that put together for daughter #2 adn start putting her room back together. We still have to go through the closet in the boys room and all the clothes to see what fits and what they need for SCHOOL (ick, the dreadded 4 letter word!) Nobody is allowed to say that word around here, you must spell it out.
Alright, off this computer and get to work...

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