Monday, August 4, 2008

Up for a Challenge?

Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville

Has posted a challenge today to use up some of the ugliest fabrics you have in your stash and pair them together to make a wonderful quilt. She is calling it a Fungly Challenge (fun-ugly).

I'm so tempted to try this one out because I have some really ugly fabrics. Why is it that I'm drawn to the ugly fabrics? I have so many really nice fabrics, but it seems like I really like the ugly fabrics and love the challenge of trying to work with them to make a quilt. I found a pattern in one of my books and can't get it off my mind, called something like Sow's Purse. It takes ugly fabrics and cuts them small and mixes them together to make a 'silk purse out of a sow's ear' or so the saying goes. The quilt picture has stuck in my mind and looked really neat and I want to try it out, eventhough I have so many nice fabrics that are aslo calling my name.

But, I don't think I will get any quilting time today. Daughter #1 is coming home from camping today and I have to finish cleaning up her room. We stole her book case (she is going off to college and can't take it with her) and I'm still looking for that DMV paper and I still have a lot of work in Daughter #2's room to help her finish getting things put back together. I have to build her a bookshelf that came with the desk so she can finish putting things back together and there is a little more work in the boys' room.

But, visions of quilts dance in my head...

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