Friday, August 29, 2008

the scissors story

Ok, I have to tell you the story of the scissors and the airport security. You see, I like to take some yarn and knitting needles along when I fly. I don't fly all that much, but when I do, I know there will be a lot of time to sit around with nothing to do and I hate to waste time. So, I packed my knitting bag with a whole bunch of yarn, some circular needles and a pair of the lamest safety scissors I could find. These safety scissors will almost not cut anything, but I knew they could not cause any troubles getting through the security at the airport. I didn't want anything to slow us down on this trip because I didn't want to miss our flight out of Sacramento. Here is a picture of the safety scissors I packed in the knitting bag.

After we missed our flight out of Sacramento, we went through security and taking a 4 year old through the security line can be a challenge. You have to send him through the gate by himself, with ticket in hand, and hope that they will catch him on the other end. He has to take his shoes off and unload everything into those grey tubs and then on the other end put everything back together while praying that he doesn't decide to just run away as you stand there without your shoes and wallet and purse and camera and everyone thinks you are a hijacker.

So, I'm worried about all of this and not really thinking about the knitting bag. They are running the bag through the Xray machine back and forth several times and the guy says to me, 'Lady, is this your bag?' Oh, yes, is there something wrong?

I need to check the scissors in this bag. I laughed and though, what a silly man. I told him that I picked out the safest safety scissors that don't really cut anything at all so I hope they are ok, but if not, he can keep them. I'm trying to keep an eye on the 4 year old, grab my shoes and stay calm.

He reaches into the side pocket of the knitting bag and pulls out these scissors.

I had forgotten that these were even in the side pocket of the knitting bag. I almost died! I start to sweat and the blood rushes out of my head and I said, OH NO<>
The man looks at me and walks over to another counter with my GIANT scissors and measures them. He comes back and says, oh, no, these are fine and puts them back in the bag and sends me on my way. At this point, I don't want the scissors anymore and I'm afraid that all the other passengers have scissors the same size! These things scare me because you really could hurt someone with these scissors if you really wanted to.
I remember when you couldn't even take fingernail clippers on the plane! Boy have times changed.

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