Tuesday, August 19, 2008

first day back to work

Today was the first teacher day back to work and I'm exhausted, but had to share that I gave the quilt to the tennis coach and he and his wife loved it. They even said it goes perfectly with their decor. My daughter picked out the colors so she did a great job on that. They loved solving the Sudoku puzzle on the quilt and he said now he can fall asleep on the couch and it will be ok.

I was also honored with a special award at school today. The principal gave it to me for making an impression on a student whose father died in a car accident right before graduation. This girl had few friends, yet when her name was announced for graduation, the entire senior class stood and applauded. My mom and I made her a quilt and gave it to her science teacher to give to her after graduation. Although I don't make quilts to get recognition, it was pretty cool to get this special award.

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Carol E. said...

The quilt is great, and congrats on that neat award. I'm so glad that girl was honored at graduation by everyone. Is that guinea pigs on your daughter's t-shirt? too cute!