Monday, September 1, 2008

even more

Last day for Oberlin pictures. Tomorrow is Michael's first day of school so there will be pictures of that! And maybe a quilt picture later this afternoon if I can sit down long enough to get some work done today. With Ariel being gone, I haven't felt much like sewing again. I hope the missing part goes away and the excited part starts soon. Everyone talks about that being the best part about your child going off to college. Sharing the excitement, but that hasn't happened yet.
Here is a picture of the dorm she lives in. I just love the old, brick buildings at Oberlin. It was built in 1853 and was the first college to allow women and minorities to attend alongside men. This is the front entrance. The building is shaped like an X with four wings coming off of the center of this building.
On every pole downtown, they had these hanging baskets. Some were even prettier than this one, but we took this while driving because I kept forgetting my camera when were were out walking and this was the best picture I had. I wondered how they kept these from wilting, but it seems like they get rain every couple of days so maybe they don't need to water them? Some of them hung to the ground with trailing vines. Just gorgeous.
Of course you have to get a mother/daughter shot. I won't tell you which is which. I will tell you that I did get confused for a college kid once again. My daughter hates that, but I just love it!
Here is the bike we bought from the neighbor of the assistant tennis coach. The assistant tennis coach and his wife were so helpful in getting us settled and finding us this bike and loaning us some rolling carts. Things would have been more stressful without them, that's for sure! Not sure what the 5's are for, but Michael had this idea and he was the 'producer/director' of this action shot!
Walking to the car to go home across campus. Michael had to get one last picture. I did tell you he is my photographer a lot of the times. I didn't cry too much, but this was a tearful walk. Michael didn't understand why we just left his big sister at college. Why does she have to stay there and learn things? Why can't she come home and learn things?

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Alycia said...

Whoa - I can totally see you on a clooege campus! Great Pictures!