Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm trying

to follow the directions, rest, liquids, rest, but I'm feeling worse. I laid around on the couch most of the day after going out to get some pseudafed. My head was about to explode and I needed something to take the pressure off. There are about 20 different medicines that say they do that for you, so I asked the pharmacist and she said, oh, you have to have the pseudafed. Of course, I had to sign my life away to get it, driver's licence, signature, I'm surprised they didn't take a mug shot and fingerprints right there too. But it was worth it. I don't think my head will explode anymore, but the nasties have dropped into my chest and now the fun coughing starts. That usually lasts a week or until a lung has actually been expelled from my body, whichever comes first.

I know that the pharmaceutical companies are making tons of money off of cold medicines, but I sure wish they would work on an actual cold remedy. Something to stop the cold/flu from taking over your body. I've tried all the 'preventions' out there like Airborn--you know it was invented by a very smart teacher who is no longer working with little germ bags. It's just a bunch of vitamins and herbs that are supposed to help your body fight off the germs on its own, but I want something that actually attacks the virus, like antibiotics. I wonder if someone has come up with it, but decided they can make more money on treating the cold?

I did manage to get two more kitten quilts done this weekend, in between feeling sorry for myself and dying on the couch and I made one in crochet as well. I have a zillion and one skeins of yarn and while sitting on the couch, decided to just crochet single crochet to make a square. Started with 35 chains and just kept going back and forth until the skein was used up and I had a big square, about 18 inches I guess, then put a scalloped edge on it and called it done.

I'll box up these quilts and any more I can get done and ship them out in the next week or so to the cold little kittens in Ohio.

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