Saturday, September 27, 2008

Turning a corner???

Well, after giving into the cold yesterday and admitting defeat, I think I might just be turning a corner. I had to get up early again today to get my daughter to a pancake breakfast she was helping to serve at and decided to come home and crash on the couch until the boys woke me up. The little one joined me and let me sleep until 9:30. I never sleep past 6:30 so I knew something was going on and my body was telling me I was tired. I rested on the couch for most of the day again, getting up to finish putting the binding on the quilt for the Girls State Auction today and then going back to take another nap. When I finally got up and decided to start my day around 4pm, I think I actually feel a little better. If only all of my days this week could have been this lazy and easy, maybe I wouldn't have been sick for so long!

It is hard for me to admit defeat like this and give in when my body says rest. There are so many things to get done around the house and I have no idea how, but things have a way of moving on their own and it looks like a tornado came through here this week and re-arranged everything so next weekend will have to be spent cleaning up from being sick, but I think one more day of laying around and I will be ready to go back to work next week.

I managed to sit last night for an hour and fix the grade program, at least for now, so that is one less stresser on me.

But, now I have one more question and if you are reading my blog and are an insurance person or have any experience dealing with auto insurance, maybe you can answer this for me.

Last May, I was in a car accident. I was hit from behind while I was stopped. The lady was doing about 40 miles an hour and wasn't paying attention to the traffic and just ran into me. Our cars were locked together, her airbags went off, she got out, said she was so sorry and that she wasn't paying attention...etc. My son and I both went via ambulance to the hospital with neck pain. We both had the exact same injuries and the insurance company wants to give him 2/3 the money they want to give me to settle the accident claim. I wrote to the company and complained that he is not less of a person than I am and that I don't understand why they would offer less since we had exactly they same injuries. They have our medical records. We both took the same time off of work/school. The money is not for my lost wages, that is separate, so that doesn't account for the difference in the amount they want to pay.

I got a letter today from the insurance and their answer is to up his amount to the original amount they were offering me and to up my offer again. I'm not complaining that they want to pay me even more, I'm just so confused as to why they would be willing to pay me more than they are willing to pay him. Yeah, he is a kid, but he is still 100% human and has the same pains that I do.

If you have ever had any experience dealing with insurance and can put this in perspective for me, can you send me an email?

smaejmlewis at

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