Wednesday, September 10, 2008

letting go

When my oldest went off to college a zillion miles from home, I thought my heart was going to break. She had never been away from home for more than a week and when she was gone, I would cry every day because I missed her so much. Now that she is gone long term, I am trying to come to terms with the new phase of life. Everyone tells me that it is so much better and that our relationship will be so much more enjoyable. I'm having a really hard time making this adjustment. So far, I haven't found it to be better and I haven't found that the ache has gone away. I'm trying to let her be more independent and over the last couple of days to not bug her so much with constantly texting her or calling her. Today in fact, I only texted her once this morning and asked what she was up to. I got a one word response and haven't heard back from her the rest of the day. I guess that is a good thing, because that means she is busy and doing things a college kid should be doing, but letting go is so hard.

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Linda said...

Hang in there mom! It does get a bit better. I'm still biting my tongue and smiling weakly at some of the stuff my "elderly" (26 and 28)kids come up with and worrying very silently.