Sunday, September 7, 2008

more preemie babies

Today I promised myself that I was going to work on some of the preemie baby dolls that I make for an online charity group called All Crafts 4 Charity. It is a Yahoo group that makes items for a different charity each month. Last year I challenged members of the group to make 100 items for the different charities and I would make them a preemie doll so they could try out their hand made items on the dolls so they would actually fit a real preemie baby. I make the preemie dolls in all sizes from 1 pound up to 6 pound. The 6 pounders aren't full term size, they are skinnier than a full term baby. It is hard for most people to understand just how small a preemie baby really is. I've never held a real preemie baby, but I saw one up close once and boy was he tiny.

So, today I got two of these little guys done. The light skinned one is 5 pounds (size wise, not in real life) and the dark skinned one is 2 pounds. What a difference!

Each baby will go to its new home this week and will help to size items for real babies. Each baby takes about an hour an a half to two hours from cutting out to sewing to hand sewing and stuffing depending on if I'm watching TV or not.

You can purchase the pattern here

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Helen in the UK said...

The doll babies are amazing!!