Thursday, September 18, 2008

balancing act

Having 4 kids is fun. It is challenging. It is rewarding. It is faith stretching.

Today I got a phone call during the middle of the day from my oldest who was so excited that she got a writing assignment back with top marks on it. She wants to be an author one day and was concerned that nobody would like her writing. For her to get confirmation that what she has done is good from someone other than her mother meant the world to her. My emotions are so closely linked to child #1 that I was so happy for her and feeling great...until the fire drill 6th remember my special friends in 6th period?

Then, my youngest had a hard day in preschool. I asked his teacher how his day went and she said it was fine. He did well today. When he got home, he broke down in tears. Not just normal tears, but great sobs. He said that he got in trouble because the teacher thought he colored on the table. I asked him if he colored on the table and he said not this time, it was the boy sitting next to him, but when the teacher asked that boy, the boy just shook his head no. So, the teacher made my son clean up the mess all by himself. Now, I know my son pretty well and I know that my son has troubles with the truth at times, but from the story my son told, it seems he spent quite some time crying and carrying on about having to clean up a mess he didn't feel like he made. I'm sure the teacher has other things on her mind, but from the sounds of it, it was a doozie of a fit. To me, that isn't a fine day. I guess I will have to leave a note for the teacher tomorrow and ask her about it.

Daughter #2 twisted her ankle in cross country practice yesterday and seems to be fine, except for running. Hoping that things will be ok for the first meet on the 25th.

And finally son #1. He wants to be in the school spelling bee this year. Never showed interest in spelling before, but this teacher has lit a fire under him that is unstoppable. He is looking up words I've never seen before and practicing in the car. He wants to be labeled the 'super nerd' and is working hard to earn that title.

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Alycia said...

You are keeping very busy - chasing them all... I am impressed. Give your little guy a hug.. what a day for him!