Friday, September 12, 2008

weekend plans

I just love Fridays, because the weekend is here and I can dream about all the things I can get done. I don't usually get 1/10th of them done, but Fridays I still have the excitement of what could be!

This weekend I would like to get the baby quilt done for the lady I work with whose son's wife gave birth to a preemie because she has cancer and they wanted to start treatment. I also want to make a quilt for her as she undergoes chemotherapy.

I also want to work on some more Quilts of Valor quilt tops to send to Alycia. She has about 100 quilted and another 40 or so quilt tops. Her goal is 400 by May, so that is a long way to go. I would like to send her 20 or so in the next box which means I had better get busy on those. Each quilt top doesn't take long to put together and I have a whole bunch already cut out and ready to go.

I also need to get the binding on about 10 quilts that are in my way. They are sitting on the cutting table in the sewing room and I keep having to move them. Rather than moving them, I'd like to cut the binding for them all this weekend so when I get a few minutes I can just start sewing bindings on them. Binding quilts by machine doesn't take all that long, it's just having everything ready to go that takes me forever to get around to.

I also need to work on the quilts for the Girls State Silent Auction Dinner that is coming up in a week or so. I had better get busy on those. I work well under pressure!

I just hope my joint pain goes away. It started on Monday and I thought I had slept funny on my arm. My elbows and shoulders have been killing me all week. They are bad in the mornings, but terrible at night. I don't know what is going on with them. It is a deep ache that isn't helped by ibuprofen, tylenol or even the muscle relaxer the doctor gave me for my whiplash from the car accident. I'm too young for arthritis aren't I? I haven't done any strange physical activities that I can remember and I'm not under strange stress, other than missing my daughter terribly. I really need to get in to see the doctor, but my doctor has semi-retired and you have to call on a Monday to get an appointment for either Tues or Thursday of that week. I'll have to wait until Monday to call for next week.

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