Sunday, September 14, 2008

quilts done

I got the two quilts done today for the librarian's daughter in law who had to give birth early so they could start cancer treatment on her. I hope she likes them both! The blue one is for the mom and the more colorful, darker blue one is for the baby. There is one block that is in both quilts. I thought that would be a nice touch to tie the two quilts together. You can see it in the baby quilt, next to the yellow square near the top. I just happened to have an extra block leftover from the mom's quilt and it sort of went with the colors of the baby quilt.

I also promised to show the quilt tops that were sent me by my online friend. She did a great job. She sent me 4 quilt tops to use in the charity auction for the Girls State fundraiser. I hope to get them quilted this week. They are just perfect for this event!
Thanks Kathy C in Indiana.
And finally, here are two mini quilts I made to send to my daughter at Oberlin. She has been helping out at a cat rescue center on the weekends and says they have the cutest little kittens there. I told her I could make her some little quilts for the kittens and this is what I came up with from some scraps I had on hand. I'll send her these and see if they like them and then make some more if they do. Even kittens need their own little quilts!

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Alycia said...

Those quilts are great. Out of curiosity - do you ever sleep?