Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I got a new job!

You didn't know I was looking for one, did you? Well, today I intervied for the Peer Tutoring Coordinator position at my high school and got it. I will be responsible for coordinating the matching of tutors and tutees and making sure the kids work well together and get the help they need to be more successful in school. I was a little surprised I actually got the job because the lady who ran the program last year was one of the people doing the interview and I told her some of the things I had problems with about the program last year. I also talked about how excited I am to get kids who are having problems in science involved in the tutoring program.

Either the other people who interviewed said worse things than I did, or they really liked the good things I said because the Vice Principal came to my class about an hour after the interview and congratulated me. Now, the fun starts, trying to coordinate about 100 students and pair up those needing help with those wanting help. I just hope this doesn't cut into my quilting time! Maybe I can talk some of these tutors into cutting fabric for me...insert evil laugh here...

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