Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm so frustrated

I tried out the machine today and the first row of quilting was great. This thing is really fast. But about half way through, the top thread broke. No big deal. Threads break sometimes. So, I cut and threadded the needle again. Went about 8 inches and the thread broke again. Ok, we have a problem. Let's try again. Breathe. Another 8 inches, another break. I see a pattern here. I tried loosening the tension, checking the way the machine was threadded, changing the needle, turns out the company sent me 100 of the wrong shape of needle and changed the thread. Nothing was working. I tried to call the company, but they didn't answer phones until 9:30am. So, after taking Ariel to a tennis tournament (which she won) I came home to talk to the company. Try a new needle, check. Try, tension, check. Try, new thread, check. Everything they suggested, I had tried. They said they would send me 100 of the correct needles for their mistake and I could keep the wrong ones. Luckily, those ones fit my regular sewing machine so they aren't a loss. Now I can change needles like suggested after every two projects. I usually change after every 10 or so.

So, I go out to the store and buy a pack of the recommended needles size 16. This will fix the problem according to the sewing machine guy. Yeah, right. It doesn't fix the problem. The machine still eats the thread. I call back and he suggests I change the thread to a heavier quilting thread that costs $21 a spool. Ouch. What if that doesn't solve the problem? What if I just got a lemon?

Pray for my machine, please! I want this to work so much and to make my life more fun, not more frustrating. I'm going to try to find some 40 weight thread and give it a try before investing my life's savings.

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