Sunday, July 6, 2008

3 more done

Here is the birthday boy! #11 today. We went out to breakfast this morning, just the two of us to IHop and had a huge breakfast. It was fun. I think it will be a new tradition. This afternoon we are going to see a movie.
This time I figured I had better show the binding on the quilts. The dog one has a blue check binding and the bear one has a green with little white diamonds. All stash fabric. I love the bear baseball quilt because of the colors, but this is the one that almost killed my sewing machine. The machine decided to die in the middle of the quilt and I tried to convince it it could make it just to the end of this quilt before taking it to the shop. I had to tear out so many stitches of quilting and it took about 2 hours to finish, but it is still one of my favorite quilts.
If you haven't made one of Mary's quick quilts yet, you should. They are really easy and super quick. Here's a link to her website. Take a look around. She has a lot of great patterns there!
and to the actual pattern

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Mary said...

Too cute! In the second row of the dog quilt there's even a Bichon that looks like Chesty (when he needs a haircut!) How fun.