Wednesday, July 30, 2008

baby, it's cold outside

Ok, so it is in the 90's, but I'm thinking ahead to the winter, in Ohio, when it will be cold outside and I'm trying to prepare. I'm working with wool yarn and knitting like crazy. It helps that I have been sitting for hours, watching tennis matches so I have the time to sit and knit. I don't know how parents can just sit and do nothing. A lady came up to me today while I was watching the last match and said, 'Obviously you aren't watching anyone play.' How rude! Just because I can multi-task.
Monday, I got the red and yellow scarf done, ends woven in and everything and started the blue one. That is for the room-mate and is in a knit 3 purl 3 pattern. I have about 15 inches done so far. I worked on it yesterday as well and then found the gorgeous variagated wool yarn in the garage last night and had to start another scarf with it right away. I worked for about 2 hours on it last night and then decided it was too wide, so pulled it out completely and started over this morning. I got 39 inches done just today at the tennis matches. It is almost done, because I'm almost out of yarn. Probably another 15 inches or so. I was instructed not to make them too long, but also told that I could make as many scarves as I wanted. I'm actually glad that my oldest is going some place cold so I can try out all sorts of new knitting and crocheting patterns and lots of fun new yarns. I told her if she gets tired of them, she can give them away to all of her friends or people on the street that she meets or leave them around campus for people to take =)

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Quilty bird said...

The yellow one is so pretty (and done!). Did you follow a pattern, or just make the stripes random?