Saturday, July 5, 2008

4 bound

I'm going to try to get 2 more done tonight, but my energy is going and I'm about ready to just make dinner and crash watching the last movie I rented a week ago. The movie place is calling, saying 'bring back our movies' but I still have The Kite Runner to watch before taking it back. I'll work on a knitted something while watching that.

Here's what I got done today. These are ready for their new homes. You know what is funny? I did the binding today, but none of the pictures show the binding? Each quilt here has the same orange binding. I was on a roll and picked out the ones that would go with the orange fabric. Eventhough each quilt was different, the orange matched each quilt perfectly.
Ocean quiltLook close, these are butterflies. I don't know where this quilt top came from, but it is gorgeous!Sailboats and lighthousesThis is the back of the sailboat quilt. Just love this fabric2nd Sailboat, more grownup version. The back, above, goes to this quilt.

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