Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is HERE!

It came yesterday duing my killer migraine so I couldn't play with it yesterday, but I did get it out of the box and set up so today I will get to try it out. It came with a bunch of extras, the sewing basket, extra feet--did you know a darning foot is the same thing as a quilting foot? I didn't so ordered an extra quilting foot. That one is called the Big Foot and is quite a bit bigger than the darning foot, so maybe I will like it better? It also came with 4 CD's with quilt patterns. I'll have to try those out and see what they have on them. I think they are just like having a book of patterns.
I am very happy with the machine, but I already see one thing I'm not going to like and that is where the bobbin is. Can you see here how the bobbin is way back on the left side? I'm going to have to climb under the quilt to change the bobbin when it runs out in the middle of a quilt. That won't be fun to do. Or, I will have to take the machine out from under the quilt. Either way, it's a small inconvenience compared to all the wonderful things it will allow me to do.
But the best thing the sewing machine came with yesterday is in these two pictures. Can you guess what that was? The best things in life really are free! Like when a 4 year old discovers Bubble Wrap for the first time. We just went and saw Wall*E and he remembered it from the movie. I tried to show him how to pop it with his hands, but his sister showed him how to jump on it and that was way more fun. Didn't last as long, but that was ok.

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