Wednesday, July 2, 2008

this one I like

Same crumb blocks, different coordinating fabric. This one speaks to me! I like it because it is bright and cheery. Someone else might say, ew, orange, but hey, that's why I make so many different quilts. Gotta have one for every different person's taste. Which is your favorite?


Arlene said...

Hey - I love the crumb quilt concept. Looks like you're getting through some of that stash as you go. I like the orange best I think...but I keep thinking I'd like all crumb quilt blocks with sashing in between...but that sounds like more work! Arlene in TX <><

Margeeth said...

I like thet black one better. The orange is more cheerfull though.

But what I like most is you cat, we had one just like it (who unfortunately died two months ago, at the blessed age of sixteen).