Saturday, July 12, 2008

one more done

I want to say that I have fixed the troubles, but I'm afraid that I will jinx myself. I still think I had better do several more quilts before declaring the troubles gone. I did one more quilt today (that makes 10 in 2 days) and the thread didn't break once. I used 40 weight on the top and 50 weight on the bobbin. The top thread was LYI that I bought at the local quilt shop. That's the only 40 weight they had and it cost $5 a spool of 500 yards. I bought 3 spools and have almost used up 2 of them. I'm going to be looking online for different types of threads. Everyone says to order small amounts of different threads and then stock up on whatever you like the best.

I ordered something the other quilt shop recommended and I can't remember the name right now. It is a lot cheaper than the King Tut that everyone raves about. That one costs $20 a spool of 2200 yards. I'll try that one too, but if I can find something cheaper that works just as well, I'd rather spend the money on I need more fabric =)

I also like the fact that I got away with using a cheaper thread in the bobbin and it worked fine. At least on this one quilt. I hate saying that everything is working, when it only worked perfectly on one quilt, but I have so much more hope now than 24 hours ago!

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