Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Solano County Fair

Emily entered some flowers in the Solano County Fair and today is the drop off day. Of course, the last two days have been over 100 degrees and most of my garden flowers are crispy and dried up. Not the best flowers for entering in the fair. But, we cut the best of them and this is what she has to enter. Two are cut flowers and two are flower arrangements. Not bad for a first try. Of course, my garden is empty of color =) I just hope the day lilies will still be good tomorrow for the judging. I've never had day lilies in an arrangement before. I understand they only open for one day, so I sure hope the arrangement isn't a shriveled up mess tomorrow, but that was all we had to work with so it's better than nothing and looks great today! The purple flowers are from the Butterfly bush and boy do they smell great. The red and yellow tall flowers are canna flowers, some of my favorites, reminds me of Hawaii.

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