Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Solano County Fair winnings

Yesterday was pick up day for the Solano County Fair. I didn't do as well as in years past. Seems some years I win everything and some years I win nothing. this year, I entered 7 things and only won 2 prizes. That's ok, they give you a free ticket for entering, so we got to get in and see the fair for free.

Emily on the other hand did very well. She won the sweepstakes awards for sewing and industrial arts (woodshop). I liked the contrast of that one!

Sweepstakes is when you win the most first place awards for a category, so you have to enter a lot of things and do well in that category. She had a special ceremony on Sunday evening and got two trophies.

Here are my latest two QOV quilt tops. These are the Ultimate Scrap Quilt pattern--you can find it on the favorites link on the left hand side. I love it because it goes together so quickly and looks so great. I think I have another 9 cut out and ready to go. They finish out about 55 x 65.

These two stacks of fabric were given to me by a lady from San Francisco. She found me through the Binky Patrol website. Since I'm the Binky Patrol coordinator and there isn't a closer local chapter, we finally were able to get together yesterday and she dropped off this wonderful quilting fabric that her mother had collected over the years. Her mother has alzheimers and isn't able to quilt anymore so the lady wanted the fabrics to be put to good use. I can promise they will be!

And finally, just had to show you this one of Michael's eyes. For some reason, he wanted me to take a picture of his eyes. At first, the camera didn't want to focus, but then it came into focus and took this picture.

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